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Message Subject 4 Comets now!!!! WTF? Panstarrs,Lemmon,Ison,Enke.Huge Media Cover-up.
Poster Handle Duk3 Nuk3m 3h
Post Content
So I have read that the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse is
a PALE horse, as in the old saying 'death rides a pale horse"
So I looked the word up in a Strongs concordance.
As John who wrote the Apoalypse or Book of Revalations as we know it today was writig in Greek, I found the Translation of the word PALE from English to Greek,it is Strong's Greek CHLOROS (#5515).Green,Greenish,Pale.
This is the color of the 4th horseman who brings death upon one fourth of the World or Earth, I will have to look it up to make that distinction between .
And a fourth of the waters are made bitter and many die, I'm studying out loud and not preaching so do your own research!
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My view is this possiblity. The new madrid cracks and the mississipi river begins flowing water from the gulf of mexico into the great lakes. The Great lakes contain 21% of the worlds fresh water. If the five lakes become salt water oh man that would be DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
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