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Message Subject 4 Comets now!!!! WTF? Panstarrs,Lemmon,Ison,Enke.Huge Media Cover-up.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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... any candidate for Seal 6 Revelation events? ...
 Quoting: Wisconsin

There are four events described in the breaking of the Sixth Seal:

1. A violent earthquake

2. The sun turning "black as sackcloth" and the moon turning "red as blood".

3. The stars of the sky falling.

4. And the sky disappearing "like a scroll and rolling up".

The first three events could be explained as events associated with some natural cause.

But the fourth event is clearly some sort of strictly supernatural public manifestation of God prior to the Second Coming. This is evident from the fact that the sky disappearing and "rolling up". The sky represents matter. When matter (say a piece of wood or paper) is split in two, what fills the space? Answer: air or "the sky" if you like. But when "the sky" (Matter)disappears and is "rolled up" what fills it's place? Answer: the Spirit.

Now, notice the response of the people to the breaking of the Sixth Seal: they desire to hide "in caves and among the rocks" and implore the mountains to "fall on them" killing them. Why? because they covet death at that point more than living and being exposed to the visible presence of "the One who sits on the throne and from the anger of the Lamb". There is another place in Scripture where we find people "hiding" from God's presence: in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve become embarrassed after the Fall and wish to hide from God.

So, clearly, the breaking of the Sixth Seal describes some sort of visible, supernatural manifestation of God's Holy Presence that causes people to see their sinful selves and makes them ashamed and afraid.
 Quoting: LunaHominem

Will this help you any?

[link to www.bibledefended.com]
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