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Message Subject 4 Comets now!!!! WTF? Panstarrs,Lemmon,Ison,Enke.Huge Media Cover-up.
Poster Handle notinfallible
Post Content
I'm a little new to astronomical phenomena: could someone be kind enough to explain to ,e why pele are freaking out over these comets? They're just going to be bright flashes in the sky, in my extremely unexpert oppinion. Tell me why I may be wrong, please!
 Quoting: Alisaria

For those like me who are not freaking out, love star gazing and solar activity.

For others, it might be a bleed over from ancient times when comets were a bad omen, a harbinger of death and destruction.
 Quoting: whiteangel

The op said something about ison being toxic... Why would that be a problem if hes just passing by?
 Quoting: Alisaria

Halley's comet was "toxic" and we flew right through the "toxic tail" in 1910. Guess what happened? Nothing.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Actually, the toxic trail may have impaired our ability to be human.
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