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Message Subject 4 Comets now!!!! WTF? Panstarrs,Lemmon,Ison,Enke.Huge Media Cover-up.
Poster Handle phoomp
Post Content
Like it or not, not one of the "sources" you linked to is reliable. And weren't you just talking about "non-sequitors" a few posts back? LOL!

Your first "source" ( [link to www.skyandtelescope.com] provides absolutely no directional data on the Chelyabinsk "meteor". All it does is provide unsubstantiated, undocumented assertions from shills like Peter Brown (University of Western Ontario, Canada), who blindly asserts that, "This is not related to 2012 DA14. This is perhaps the most certain aspect of the entire event." Utter bullshit, Pete.

Your second "source" ( [link to www.spacedaily.com] is equally worthless. All it provides is the entry angle and the entry speed. Says nothing about the entry direction.

You video sources are a joke. They provide no source for the data that appears in the animation. If they in any way relied on your first two "sources" then they are an even bigger joke.

Thanks for trying.
 Quoting: LunaHominem

Where is the reliable source data proving that the Chelyabinsk meteor came from 2012 DA14? You've set a pretty high bar here by claiming that Peter Brown's data is unsubstantiated and undocumented.
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