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Message Subject A masonic pyramid that is 33 decametres high is being built in North Korea, with money from Bill Gates... To be destroyed on October 1st.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're a fucking idiot. The only puppet state would be the United States of America. We're going around meddling in other people's business going bankrupt over it, and here you are crying about a stupid Pyramid.

This is exactly what they wanted. A distraction. While idiots are busy looking at the shiny building in N. Korea. the bankers are bankrupting America and bombing all the other countries that refuse to join the World Bank and charge interests to their citizens.

Yep, this is why they hate Islam. Because they refuse to join the world Banks as 'usury' is forbidden. Look at all the Islamic countries we bombed and invaded. They are now under the World Banks.
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