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Message Subject A masonic pyramid that is 33 decametres high is being built in North Korea, with money from Bill Gates... To be destroyed on October 1st.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
and the FARCE continues...

the FALSE FLAG "North Korean" attack is closer each day that passes...

I hope that at least people in this world who still have two remaining brain cells can realize this is a FARCE, and that any "attack" will actually be a FALSE FLAG

North Korea is a PUPPET in the hands of The Powers That Be, and they are PRETENDING.

It's all a THEATER PLAY, and any "attack" will be actually a FALSE FLAG, an INSIDE JOB...

I have no hope that more than 1% of the world population will realize this...

But I hope at least a few people understand it, when it happens...
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