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Message Subject A masonic pyramid that is 33 decametres high is being built in North Korea, with money from Bill Gates... To be destroyed on October 1st.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Guys, i understand the "thesis-antithesis" nature of the conspiracy but, at the same time, the "thesis-antithesis" might misguide us and make us believe that some things are part of the conspiracy when they are not and in fact might even be against them.

It is a real possibility that they wanted to build that thing in North Korea "just for kicks" and/or missinformation/confusion and that the NK authorities realized this.

And dont forget that South Korea is totally infested by the conspiracy, their entertainment tools are some of the biggest Satanic-fascist symbolism flashers around. Same thing for Taiwan and Japan. Notice how there is no flashing from Chinese entertainers NK closest ally.

BUT at the same time this (interesting) thread might be correct...all that im saying is that one should be careful because the understanding of the "thesis-antithesis" nature of the conspiracy really opens our eyes and minds but at the same time it might fools us too.
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