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Message Subject Sandy Hook - Can Anyone Pinpoint the Precise Location of Lauren Rousseau's Car?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can anyone point out to me the precise location of Lauren Rousseau's car on the day of the shooting? Are there any photographs that provide enough background imagery to allow the car's precise position to be fixed on the parking lot? I have consulted the video entitled, "Lauren Rousseau's Car Riddled With Bullet Holes in Sandy Hook Parking Lot" on YouTube, but find I am unable to reconcile the limited background relief in that video with the aerial photos of the scene. Does anyone have any photo/video resources that would allow a determination of the car's precise location?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17586504

[link to incogman.net]

and there is threads here...
 Quoting: Fred 19517346

Thank you for that, Fred. Now, if that Lauren Rousseau's car, it obviously could not have taken those rounds fired by a shooter in the positions that the authorities purport (since other cars in specific proximity would prevent it), and the car was moved before her father was allowed to reclaim it. The background detail of the video showing the car awaiting her father in the school parking lot cannot be reconciled with the position indicated in the aerial photo at the link you provided. Does anyone know when or to where the car was moved before it was released to her father?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17586504

in the early aerial photos or videos, you could see that the cars were not moved.

but i dont think "official" really spoke about the Rousseau car.
 Quoting: Fred 19517346

I am assuming that the image in the aerial photo is accurate, and depicts the location of the car purported to be Rousseau's as it was positioned that day. But clearly, that is not the position in which Rousseau's father was supposedly allowed to reclaim it. If the same car is depicted both in the aerial photo and the footage associated with her father taking possession of the vehicle, it has obviously been relocated. I am trying to determine where the car was during the interval between the time of the shooting and its release to her father. Can anyone help?
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