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Message Subject Sandy Hook - Can Anyone Pinpoint the Precise Location of Lauren Rousseau's Car?
Poster Handle Fred
Post Content
So Adam was able to shoot many time in classroom without broking any windows.
Specially with a rifle in semi-automatic mode...

Ok, maybe he shoots from outside in the parking lot.
 Quoting: Fred 19517346

If so, then Sally Cox is not telling the truth. If Lanza made just "five...horrible popping noises" with his firearm before entering the school, and he squandered at least four shots by targeting Lauren Rousseau's car in the parking lot (a rather strange act, since he supposedly had never met Rousseau), then Lanza would not have been able to blast his way into the building.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17586504

ohh.. i know that the witnesses stories didnt fit together.

but it happens often in real event, like car crash... often if you have 3 witnesses..you have 3 stories...
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