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Message Subject Sandy Hook - Can Anyone Pinpoint the Precise Location of Lauren Rousseau's Car?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Squad car parked like coming in hot. Not nice and neat, between any parking lines. Angle of squad car and hers looked like a match. Window shooter firing at squad car. Video showed angles and all. The problem here is Miss Cox. People reported she was not in CT nurse database. She also stated, in live tv interview, she was in a closet with another person till 1:15. Four hours in a closet, holding door shut. Building was swept and cleared four times. Can u say WTF?
 Quoting: leonine

You make some good points, Leonine, but Ms. Cox actually is licensed as a nurse in CT, and has been since 1974. Her license is held under her legal name, "Sarah D. Cox"; the Connecticut ELicense database index entry shows that she practices in Newtown, and the detail view of her license information may be found here:

[link to www.elicense.ct.gov (secure)]

The remainder of your points, however, indeed compel a reasonable person to say, "WTF?" Many elements of Cox's recount make absolutely no sense, and fundamentally contravene both basic procedural requirements and the most basic aspects of statements made by a large host of others.

The facts and circumstances simply do not permit the contention that Lanza inexplicably chose to carry his arsenal of weapons and ammunition over to a vantage point where he could light up the car of an unknown substitute teacher in the parking lot (who happened, just by mere chance and coincidence, to be one of his victims inside the school) before blasting his way into the building. If Lanza were touching off multiple rounds from a Bushmaster outside the school before attempting to enter, the 911 call would have been placed well before he made his way into the offices. Interior occupants would have been well into enacting their lock-down mode, already taking defensive postures and measures. And, as ludicrous as such a contention seems, if Lanza actually did present such a conspicuous warning by playing shooting gallery in the parking lot before entering the school, then the entirety of Ms. Cox's statements may be categorically dismissed as a bunch of hooey.
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