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Message Subject Sandy Hook - Can Anyone Pinpoint the Precise Location of Lauren Rousseau's Car?
Poster Handle Fred
Post Content

In this case, when Sally Cox stated distinctly that she heard a measured report of five popping noises, she was reporting a perception she registered in a calm, cool, and collected frame of mind.


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17586504

i agree with you. i justed wanted to that sometimes honest witness could have wrong perception.

But for the Sally Cox.

when she say 5 for number of gunshots. it's in her interview just after 4 hours in closet. and she really look to have big stress.

this video is edited, there is a "strange" cut just at this moment.

and maybe in her closet, she didnt hear the shoots.
so the 5 refer to shoots done before she go in the closet.

But the "sound" problem is here!
Like Janet Vollmer who was first grade teacher, so.. not far from the shooting scene, and hear more the noise from the loudspeaker?
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