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Message Subject New Update what Media is not telling us ! - Elisa Lam case - please, take a look at this! i feel this should not be ignored. thank you.
Poster Handle phoenixe
Post Content
it's all just very weird, i don't know what to make of it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31781644

It is! And her friend's facebook page, really is interesting, it looks kind of like he doesn't like women, or sees women as just things. Also the photos and friends look interesting, he has a lot of Asian women as facebook friends...does anyone know where he was?

And that this was created right around that time, is really odd.

How do you know it is her official page and not created by someone else though?
 Quoting: Heavenly Alchemy

this is what i made this thread about.

a facebook page from elisa lam, out of the blue, created on feb 17th, when she was already dead.

this fb page has only 1 friend, richard schmelter, in whose profil picture you can see a korean girl in the background (according to his comments on the picture from jan 28th.)

according to what is supposed to be her tumbl account, her last entry there is from 3 weeks ago, last entry " arrived in la land"

i have to suppose this richard schmelter made this elisa lam facebook page. (as he is the only friend of this account. it does not seem to be one of the usual "tribute" accounts to a dead person).

but why?
and why on a date where she was already dead?
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