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Message Subject New Update what Media is not telling us ! - Elisa Lam case - please, take a look at this! i feel this should not be ignored. thank you.
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
Anyone know anything about Dragon Company, 1-72 AR BN, 2ID?

Seems suspicious.

When I saw the elevator vid I had the sense that Elisa KNEW she was being followed. Perhaps even that the Elevator had been rigged/bugged as well. Maybe she knew that someone was on a floor above/below her and that's why she hit all the elevator buttons.

I don't get a good vibe from this Dick Schmelter broham and it's quite possible he was involved in some Black OPS / Special OPS shit. Especially with everything going on with North Korea. Interesting they targeted a KOREAN girl.

Putting her in a WATER CISTERN right at the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius is very telling also. And I'm sure she was SELECTED because of her name and perhaps even injected/exposed to this new TB-SuperBug.
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