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Message Subject New Update what Media is not telling us ! - Elisa Lam case - please, take a look at this! i feel this should not be ignored. thank you.
Poster Handle En Sof
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Also there is something significant about 14..2/14..2 weeks in Cistern (14 days)..

The 14 days of Burial, in the Master's degree: 14 parts into which the body of Osiris was divided: a type of Christ, sacrificed on the 14th day of the month: an amulet of 14 points has been used to cure the sick.

There are 14 Books of the Apocrypha; they were written originally in Greek, never in Hebrew. An Israelite had to partake of 14 meals in the Booth during the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Israelites killed the Paschal Lamb on the 14th day of the Month Nisan.

In Matthew, chap. i., we find the genealogy of Jesus recited in three series of 14 names, the first under Patriarchs and judges, the second under kings, and the third under priests and governors.

The ancient physicians considered that the 14th day was the crisis of fevers.
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