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Message Subject S.O.B&ITCH...Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The problem is that they got the sheeple fooled which is the majority of people. They are clueless. At one point i tried to tell people who were about to buy a big pack of Splenda that they are not doing themselves a favor or mentioned to someone at Starbuck's who asked for 3 Splenda that they're making an unhealthy request only to be looked at as if i was crazy.

I went out with my sister and her 3 year old to eat. he was thirsty and she bought him a red children's fruit juice. Guess what...it contained aspartame. The bottle had a very colorful design meant to appeal to kids. He's 3 years old!! I told my sister that he really shouldn't be drinking that. She didn't seem too concerned, let him drink half of it and since she was concerned for about a minute or maybe to avoid fighting with me, she drank the rest herself. Go figure. We're preaching to the converted. We're a minority really. But what about all the rest?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35009917

Keep up with your suggesting that aspartame is bad. It is working. A gal in our area regularly goes to school board meetings and tells them when they have put products with aspartame in the children's lunches, or the drinks.

Good for all of you! Keep up the work.
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