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Message Subject Why Horsemeat Is In The FoodSupply
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Captain Obvious To The World: What do they put in petfood? anything that is dead, anything at all. There has been a shady system at work for a long time. Things finally got desperate enough that these big time meat distributers decided it's not just for pets anymore, cause we lost so many cattle this last year as a result of drought. Keeping costs low, and profits high

just think about it, this isnt jsut one place that is using horsemeat, this is literally a soilent green scenario. There is not enough supply for the demand, what would they do? just let the price go sky high and stop selling? or do whatever they could to keep the money rolling
 Quoting: Samuel Bachelor Of Science

If only we didn't like going to corporations' store houses so much to line their pockets while poisoning and starving ourselves of nutrients while getting sicker and sicker, and grew our food and made our own clothes and raised our own animals. If only we hadn't been herded together with house on top of house in seemingly perpetual bondage to the state and government while the super wealthy devil worshipers of the world buy up all the land that they can dwell in by themselves. What an excessively evil hour we are in.
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