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Message Subject Viacom mind control programming targeting mothers
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's a newer programming line up called NickMom, and it plays at night on Nick Jr. I'm trying to make sense of what I just saw...

There's a depressed, frumpy looking woman who is being offered shaved legs and spanx (underwear that makes you look thinner). It plays out like green eggs and ham.
Well, the lady is a miserable mother who has a messy house and breaks down crying, while refusing the shaved legs and spanx.
When she finally gives in, she goes out partying, and then walking down a runway in her spanx underwear.

Ummmm, what the hell is that?
 Quoting: Oubliette

Turn off the TV burnit
 Quoting: SnowLeopard 34971183

Haven't really watched TV in 2 years, feels great.

I watch some shows on Netflix but its when I need to relax from doing actually productive stuff.

I use to watch TV to much like a solid 2+ hours a day and its just a complete waste of time.

Find some good hobbys that generate a side income, much better than watching TV.
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