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Message Subject Viacom mind control programming targeting mothers
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Viacom is a very evil company
 Quoting: Brad Daylight

A mother who is happy being a mom, is going to interact with her kids in a way that really helps to raise good kids, and have a good home life.

A miserable woman who resents mothering, because she'd rather be partying and looking "hot", may negatively impact her kids with her behavior towards them.
It really seems like anything that destroys the family unit is glorified on TV.
 Quoting: Oubliette


100% TRUE,

I was a victim of it, my foster mother beat me so bad she broke my back, my life has been wrecked since.
I saw this playing out as a child, i knew the source of her resentment came from TV, made worse with a valium addiction, and she watched it religiously.

I walk around now and see more women like her today, children that quiver in fear of their mother.......run hide, it's muthas day out!!!

They are virtually all programmed these days, they can only think that whilst theyre at home looking after their stupid husbands and kids.....(ball and chains to her) that ALL her friends and the rest of the world are having a wild time, come an fuck a neegga in "tha club" and be the envy of all your friends and peers......everybody gotta go to tha CLUB....cos thats where its happening...at tha CLUB....with the funky black boys in DA CLUB....everybody in DA CLUB, gonna celebrate...in DA CLUB....shakin bodyparts in DA CLUB, we all so cool in DA club.........PIED FUCKING PIPER SHIT
FILTHY brainwashed slags i fucking hate em, helping 'the man' destroy the family unit (they dont want breeders anymore).

DESTROY the family unit, you destroy the community..... destroy the community, you destroy solidarity..... destroy solidarity and you've destroyed PEOPLE POWER, no voice, no unity.....now the people fear the government. DIVIDE AND CONQUER

The !n.st!tu..te i cant mention here is PRIMARY in the study of G-R-O-U-P psy/chology.
They are FUCKING us over, playing GOD for TPTB.
I am watching, i have my place, i have my time, my life is wrecked for their meddling in our lives and our parents lives, i am dedicated, i am aware, i will GIVE my life to see them fall, cos its shit anyway now they done fucking with it.

(i just got auto banned for posting this....go figure....hard to know when you're being eaten when you're already in the belly of the beast, ahem, yeah Godlike is how they see themselves, scum, you're in for a helluva shock when my seeds grow to fruition)
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