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Message Subject Viacom mind control programming targeting mothers
Poster Handle SewDucky
Post Content
Okay, I haven't seen the show and don't plan to, but what is wrong with not wanting to wear the uniform of the SAHM and being a frumpy mess?

I dress up/down, heels or not and generally take care of myself. I have a closet full of clothes I love, shoes I adore and a husband that appreciates the effort.

It's why I don't watch much television. Used to be that women looked nice because it was socially expected of them. Now, it's socially accepted that you're supposed to look like a hot mess, unless you want to do something immoral.

Shows like this are two fold. One it shows the frumps your life would be better if you put that spanx on and go out, and life is grand. If you do it for no reason then you want to or to make your spouse happy, then you get told you resent your kids.

Either way, it gets the message out that women are supposed to have it all and something's wrong if you don't and/or being a mother is unfulfilling and not worthwhile.

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