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Message Subject I asked my Creator WHY he created evil, and he said......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You're both totally free thinkers !! I love that. hf
 Quoting: Yes I Did !!!!

Don't count yourself out! Your inquisitive mind coupled with your humility is truly divine :-)

LOL LOL LOL !! Thank you very much... but I was born curious and I just HAVE to try and understand.

I realize that once you cross that line between this reality and "the other side" (you can call it death) you will automatically KNOW everything, but I like doing it the "hard" way.... I really enjoy trying to figure things out/trying to understand.

My mother would NOT agree with you... it drove her absolutely crazy. Nope - she didn't consider it DIVINE at all !!! LOL hf

I think that means you have a passion for knowledge and wisdom, and you approach the subject of theology with such an open and innocent heart.
 Quoting: Rising Son
r mother seems like she may have been a victim of that same evil, and it jaded her into thinking there is no God. Just thinking...

The lover of Sophia and Thoth. A Threesome?!!
 Quoting: Yes I Did !!!!
 Quoting: Rising Son
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