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Message Subject I asked my Creator WHY he created evil, and he said......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He didn't create evil... MAN created evil.

WOW !! I've always wondered where evil came from. Creation is beautiful in every way. So complex and wonderful. And then there is EVIL. That's when I finally just put it out there, and OMG.... He answered me in a voice that was almost audible !!!! And NO, I'm not schizophrenic. LOL

I didn't even have to think about it - it suddenly just made sense to me. FUCK FREE WILL !!!! Our Creator will NEVER infringe upon our FREE WILL. I sooooo wish he would !!!!!!!

I'm just posting this for the record. I'll just leave this thread and let you guys discuss it, if you want to.

 Quoting: Yes I Did !!!!

Most schizophrenics don't know they're schizophrenic, even if they know the signs.
And fuck free will? You want to be a slave? And if someone did indeed create us, he/she/it is responsible for the evil. Blaming it on man is a pussy move and isn't very respectable.
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