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Message Subject I asked my Creator WHY he created evil, and he said......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He didn't create evil... MAN created evil.

WOW !! I've always wondered where evil came from.

I didn't even have to think about it - it suddenly just made sense to me. FUCK FREE WILL !!!! Our Creator will NEVER infringe upon our FREE WILL. I sooooo wish he would !!!!!!!

 Quoting: Yes I Did !!!!

And did you wonder that yourself? Tried to understand it's meaning? It's logic?

What's manmade is to give it a name, that's all. It was always there. Also evil is a point of view.

And there's no free-will.

Don't worry! I added a little bit to my earlier posting:

Evil is an unfortunate byproduct of creation, but evil is also necessary in order to distinguish from that which is good. Since God is omnipresent and all-knowing, He must have planned for evil in order to sift through those souls worthy and those not. Just my thoughts..
 Quoting: Rising Son

Bad things happen to us so that we understand the true goodness in our lives, not evil. Loss is necessary for gain, again not evil.

When we say evil generally speaking it refers to chaos. To all the madness, the corruption. Because nothing is evil by it's nature. "all-knowing", "he must have" don't mean a single thing it's just a make believe. It is to live a lie.

How could he planned do you really think it is simple for a soul to suffer? You say "those souls worthy" yet he created all the souls and didn't give them any choice. He or it just decided that while some souls are worthy while others are not? Is this it?

Offering heaven to those who are good and for others hell... If one believes into this then that one is blind.


And judging by how corrupted our world is and how it is going nowhere while souls suffer from this injustice this would be a sign that the one who created everything is a form of chaos itself, that it's not his test. It's his nature to bring chaos. As it always did. It's right there in front of our eyes.

The "evil" is so overwhelming that what good left is becoming a scarcity and losing all hope to gain it's light again. It's going nowhere as it came from nowhere.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35064681

Nothing is evil by nature? Tell that to the molested child. Tell that to the innocent railroaded to jail, who cannot get justice from a crooked official. Tell that to the 4000 babies a day murdered through child sacrifice in the US alone.
What is happening is that those who conclude that "nothing is evil by nature" are slandering the character of God. These are called devils in scripture - slanderers. By equating good and evil and making no dinstinction between them, one slanders Our Creator who IS GOOD, JUST, MERCIFUL AND LOVE. One who accepts and makes no distinction between good and evil - as defined by His laws written in our hearts - is one who has not the spirit of God within them.
Man has a wicked heart and thoughts. That wicked heart and thought wants to relabel what it wants to do from "evil" to "good" so that there is no conviction within his heart. Pedophiles do this - they convince themselves that their acts are actually good for the children. Read NAMBLA's writings. It's reprobate minds which will steer the other wicked into the pit.

Yes there is physical suffering in this world but it's from man. Our own iniquities fall back on our own heads. One cannot sow evil and reap good, likewise we cannot sow good and reap death and misery. But yet, society keeps thinking "but I'm a good person" and wonders why the poop is collectively hitting the fan. Instead of stopping to understand that maybe what they've defined as "good" isn't really good and what they've defined as "evil" isn't really evil - that things have been inverted - we just carry on in our perverse desires. A world which defines good based on what it perceives as good through its senses is a world that rejects the truth and goodness of God.
Scripture states that His Divine Plan will demonstrate His Glory. I trust that even though I currently only understand a bit of it. But what I must continually guard myself against is this - viewing Him and His ways from a human mind. Because then I sit as god judging Him. Judea did that, and whilst they tried God and strung Him up in a public farce, little did they understand that they were the ones being judged, condemned and sentenced to destruction. The world once again stands at this same exact point -
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