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Message Subject I asked my Creator WHY he created evil, and he said......
Poster Handle Rising Son
Post Content

Wrong - God told us what He wanted us to do, and what He did not want us to do. He told us what the repercussions would be if we disobeyed and defied Him. He also told us the wonderful joy and happiness we would experience if we did as He wanted us to do. It is our choice to obey or disobey, so it is OUR choice to suffer or not to suffer. That's how much God respects us, and look at the way some of you "respect" Him...
 Quoting: Rising Son

Most of our choice's aren't choice's at all. We are driven to do most of the things we do good or bad. As far as free will goes, I didn't choose to be born here in the first place. All of us are here NOT because of our free will. We kinda woke up here one day in human form Huh? I suspect you think life is some precious gift don't you. May want to take a closer look at your/our situation if you aren't too fearful of the thing you worship. But then again you aren't supposed to question it are you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35068033

You are right, our choices are usually at the end of a progression of influencing factors and external stimuli. However, each one of those factors and stimuli involved their own separate choices on your part, and if you possessed the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to make the right choice, you did so and did not suffer. Just as we would not touch a hot stove twice, neither should we do so with things that result in emotional pain.

As far as debating the free will of your existence, you negate your existence by doing so, and you do not qualify to reap any benefits of your existence, since you did not choose it. However, you are still blessed with good things in your life, despite your ingratitude for them. If you did not want this life, then why are you so willing to accept the benefits?
 Quoting: Rising Son

But there is also luck. You don't know what life has in store for you. You don't decide what you will live through. There are many outside factors that can strongly change the way of things about you and your life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35064681

I'm not sure that I believe in luck, other than predictable benefits of a life lived according to the laws of God. I have lived on the wrong side of life for a very long time, and since I chose to live in accordance with God's Laws, my life has gotten so much better. There will always be randomness, but the collective summary of your experiences I would say is directly tied to how you live your life.
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