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Message Subject The Golden Future of GLP - Amplifying the Positive Energy of Humanity!
Poster Handle Asyouprefer
Post Content
I can see the change happening already. Positively-oriented discussion threads and perspectives are starting to balance out the ones that are not this way.

People are beginning to wake up to the fact that, if you spend all your time in negative thought patterns... well, that is exactly what you will get. But when you take a different perspective, the positive viewpoint in everything, at all times... you will get that result as well. What do you prefer?

This is not a world of "seeing is believing"... it's actually a place where "believing is seeing". REALLY, it is. Understand?

GLP users are smart, and don't let those who feed on your negative energies manipulate you into a state of FEAR/HATE/NEGATIVITY with negatively-oriented posts and post titles. Pay attention to how things are written, the words that are being used... realizing it or not, those people are perpetuating the conditions that they do not want to see.
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