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Message Subject I think therefore I am. If I'm not thinking, then wat?
Poster Handle calx
Post Content
philosophical and deep... i like that.

i will need to think this one over...


 Quoting: Dr. Acula

Ah come on your stinker! Lob me a good one! I need something to ruminate over this weekend. :)
 Quoting: calx

I have always compared the human mind to a computer...

Those that think are active running processes... they serve a purpose. They help keep the gears turning, the hard drives spinning... the operation system running to efficiency... they get jobs done and provide some sort of service...

and those that dont think are background clutter... useless, they just take up valuable space/ram... the feed off the system and divert resources from the thinkers...

but of course... one can argue another point...

to slow the mind and clear it of thought... one has reached peace... true peace...

my mind rages a thousand thoughts a second... its maddening at times... if i could slow my mind and not think for just 10 minutes... ahhhh the peace i would know...
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

mmm that's grim. but you have a good point there. what if we're all hardware with malleable minds? are we just vessels? that would be sad. i hope that we are all not just cogs in a great machine.

that machine seems to be earth in its entirety. a few controlling the weak. hmm... i wonder how we can escape this. we need a mass consciousness awakening in terms of how FUCKED UP this world is lol.

we deserve better than this. human beings shouldn't be born in chains and have to pay with our lives just to eke out an existence.

(and again this has been a drunken calx rant please be kind.) :D

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