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Message Subject I think therefore I am. If I'm not thinking, then wat?
Poster Handle randomseb
Post Content
First, if you're not thinking...your body is dead. Second, the "One" doesn't return anywhere. In order to return, you'd have to of left
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32900948

You can be in a state of experiencing without engaging the organ of thought. This is a translation misunderstanding, mind is not "that place in your head where you think", but rather "where experiences take place", which includes "brain" activities such as thought and "heart" activities such as feelings.

Lost in translation, just like "consciousness" (as there are said to be many streams of consciousness that makes up our experience, one for each sense, but the west takes consciousness to be some kind of whole, and so misunderstands)

All things return to the one, but the one returns to all things, this distinction is a false distinction

As for being a cog in the machine, there is a way out in the core of many religions, if you dare to explore outside of the bounds of what we are taught to believe, and dare to examine all religions objectively in order to see the common ground, to see all of the pieces of the puzzle
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