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Message Subject I think therefore I am. If I'm not thinking, then wat?
Poster Handle randomseb
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These "experiences" that you allude to are practically the opposite of that. They are are photos or video clip, most of which are fabricated by ourselves. The brain is suppose to distinguish pleasure from pain but it would be wiser to explore it more
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32900948

Experience is experience, it's the absolute only thing you ever know, as everything, everything is just an experience.

While the nature of experience is not at all like a video clip, as in biologically speaking that is not how things work in the way your eyes/ears send information to your brain, it is true that experience, all experience, is a fabrication of your own mind. This is biologically what your brain does, it takes raw sensory data and builds an internal representation, and this representation is all we normally experience.

We all feed constantly on the blue pill!
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