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Message Subject I think therefore I am. If I'm not thinking, then wat?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Calx...keep on keepin on. You know you can rant here anytime. But it is sad. We are born into shackles because we came into a society with established right and wrongs/do's and don'ts in which the ones who are making and upholding the rules/laws are the ones who break it the most; with little or no remorse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32900948

Well the worse thing is that the shackles that bind us the most are a result of the world itself, not what people may or may not do. You buy a nice car, and suddenly you are bound in chains wrapped so thick you can barely breathe, got to keep the car nice, clean, got to get fuel, get cash, pay the mechanic, got to worry about not getting it stolen, scratched, got to be focused and not crash, got to watch out for pesky pedestrians, got to deal with the traffic, the speed limits and road cops, other drivers, blah blah blah blah blah.

Very thick chains indeed.
 Quoting: randomseb

Couldn't agree with you more. And I like how much you go into detail. Most the time when I give a scenario and elaborate a little on it, Im told Im going off on a tangent. Um no...Im a thinker.

Keep in mind though many of us have been slowly but surely breaking away at the chains. Many are starting to devalue the material world in such a way, it is obvious to tell who are the ones that are concerned with what others think and are living life based off a cliche operating manual. Its okay though, we know the change doesn't start with them. All we can do is offer advise and smile at those who ignore
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