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Message Subject if you were 'the nobody'
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
would you give a fuck what 'anybody' thought or said about you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35061540

i know everyone is a coward and runs from me so NO.
not really,truth is what it is and man loves a lie
i alone have physical proof with me and none will review it and proclaim the truth throughout the land
god set the face of the one he loved on a mt side
god took up the one he loved to heaven
seems as the same man was the center of gods affection
then my likeness is found on mt sides and stones
and my name is crossed into Enoch via code of codes
there it is,end of mystery,mask removed.
so keep on playing silly games
the events are still scheduled that only man can prevent
the time limit was set,the code to stop the doomsday device is in my fingers,none care. so it goes. and no,i dont care what anybody thinks,men chose selfish self intrests over the populaces desires.
so screw all your Nobody this and that threads,they are stupid
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