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People have no choices.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35065463
02/24/2013 06:23 AM
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People have no choices.
Every now and then I will start to imagine, what if things were different. What if we don't need our government to control our own life. Then we won't have to put up with all the lies and injustice. What if we don't have to work for money anymore and we can grow our own food and find our own resources. Wow, won't that be great? But in the end I know it will not become a reality. Because I know people are getting weaker mentally and physically. If we can make it on our own, then we won't be controlled by them in the first place. We will simply ignore them and they will not able to control us. But they have the knowledge about us, knowledge that we ourselves don't know about. They know our weaknesses and therefore they know we rely on them.

They have always monitored the people by their daily activities which include their conversations, the songs they listen to, their hobbies, their emotional state, their healty conditions and etc. All these developed in parellel. These all related to the human conditions. What the people called as freedom, they called it mild insanity or malfunction of species. This is when people started to
do things that they weren't suppose to do and stop doing what they should be doing in the first place.

Below are the stages that were used and will be used according to the human mental state conditions:

Stage one - Religions
Was when they try to persuade the people's heart to do the "right" thing, which is whatever they think will benefit their end goal. People were given the choice of whether or not to follow these religions and do the right things.

Stage two - Laws
Was when they warn us from doing certain things. People who do those things will be punished. Although not all people who do those things will be caught or punish but people in general know what they should not do. As time goes by, people have started to find loopholes to prevent being caught.

Stage three - Force to Follow
Is when they will tell the people what to do and when they should do it. No more choices will be given. Either a person do as was told or that person will be punished. Simple term, do or die. Although this is very difficult to achieve, but they have the weapons and tools to help them. Quantity will not be important anymore. They don't want billions of people who won't do as were told. They need quality, small amount of healthy people who will do exactly what was told.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34985647
United States
02/24/2013 06:38 AM
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Re: People have no choices.
Yeah, I suppose. That's about the only option left when you get tired of trying to herd the cat's. Never really added that part in to the human equation before.
That's really sick.