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Subject Out of the cage, into the Light...
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
Through the shadows
Seals to open
Illusions to fall
Real light
To shine
True Love
To flow

For so long
Oh so long, my loved one
We have dwelled in this cage
All to see
Reflections of light within the shadows
Darkened mirror of ourselves

Trapped in hopelessness

All our powers
Lured away
To those who 'knows better'
Those who want to be our gods

Sitting isolated
Even together
No true connection
All gray to who we were
Who we always are

Now the scroll will open
Fully soon to be
Now the flaming words reminds us
Of the Truth within our hearts
About of who we really are

So long, all too long
In cages
Staring at a wall
Now the chains are broken
Now our Spirits is to fly

Mother of the World awoken
Speaking fire free
All the children be reminded
True in love to be

Father dawning true
Through the emptiness of you
Speaking to us all
Like before the fall

We are true as One
Yet unique and fire free
This world soon will glow
Dawning Red, will flow

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