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Message Subject Out of the cage, into the Light...
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
And be aware
For all those who want to still play games
Still put themselves upon a pedestal
With empty words and concepts of lie
Using truth mixed with thir own ego and lies to lure the naive hearts of the innocent

Know this
Behind every innocent heart
Honestly seeking our True Father, True Mother
Behind every of those will be a force
Deepest love
Out of the depth of the deepest
The innerside of the inside
With no glimpse of pity
There will be no hiding
Where will you hide from the eye within your own spirit
No running
Wherever you go this will be already there
And there will be no excuses
No explanations
Only what is real
To face yourself
At the deepest
From beyond any mask
Beyond any stupid game
Swift like a lightning
Deep as the Void
So every game will have its price
Every innocent heart fooled
Every false judgement passed
Every lie and false idols
All comes back to you
And if nothing stays after that deepest mirror
Mirror of the deep
But the spark essential
That's just how it is

It is what it is
And right will be right
And only this moment to chose

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