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Subject Elisa Lam - Startling Synchronicities
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Elisa Lam case bears some striking similarities to the Japanese story Floating Water, later made into two Movies (Dark Water). The original Japanese and then an American remake.

In Dark Water the body of a young girl who lived on her own in a run down apartment block, and who went missing, is found in a water tank on the roof.

Residents report the water running black. (as did residents of the Cecil Hotel.)

The story strongly features supernatural activity and death centered around an elevator. (Elisa Lam's bizarre behaviour in the elevator)

In the US remake of the film (2005) the main character is called 'Dahlia'.

The actual Cecil Hotel was apparently a one time 'haunt' of Black Dahlia murder mystery victim Elizabeth Short.

Dahlia's daughter in the film is called Cecilia.

Elisa is a shortened version of Elisabeth... or Elizabeth Short.

Any more that anybody can see?
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