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Message Subject Elisa Lam - Startling Synchronicities
Poster Handle phoenixe
Post Content
summed up short & including all important information.

except one:
who could be interested in staging a murder like that?
 Quoting: phoenixe

Not sure. I've read your thread though Phoenixe and it's fascinating stuff.

I just found all the links between two actual murders (Elisa Lam and Black Dahlia) and a story from Japan (Floating Water) to be very very strange. The US remake of the film ties it all together in a very spooky way... I love incidences of synchronicity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33628542

i understand your fascination with that!

it fits too perfect to not being staged.

everything, from those real murders to movies,
from name similarities to what is released to the public,
from the tb outbreak nearby to the tb test with the mirror-name,
even this really weird things we found out in the thread connects just perfect.

i want to know who did this and why.

and i suppose there is more than 2 people involved and the death of this poor girl is just the beginning of something else.
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