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Message Subject Elisa Lam - Startling Synchronicities
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want to know what the hell she was so afraid of in that elevator.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8406227

She didnt appear to be afraid of anything, IMO. She looked to me like she was trying to play a joke on someone that never showed up. I hear it happening like this:
"I'll meet you in the elevator, hold it for me"
"sure thing,heeheehee"
She goes to the elevator to hold it, and pushes all the buttons so friends has to stand through the longest elevator ride ever. She is obviously waiting for someone, and without fear. She hops out playfully as if to say "gotcha" But the person she is waiting for did not show up in this vid clip. Sure she makes som eodd hand gestures, shuffles around a bit. But she didnt know she was on camera, and might have been having a few drinks to boot. I have been known to dance around to music in my head when i thought no one was looking. I admit her death is a curious thing, but i cant watch this video and think anything is going on here but a playful game of hide and seek. Her face shows no fear, and despite the low quality, when she hides in the corner she looks happy to me, almost smiling. You are all here trying to turn her game into a chilling account of a terrifying final moment but there isnt a lot here to support that.
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