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why to fear death?

true prophet
User ID: 35069063
02/24/2013 08:33 AM
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why to fear death?
To fear death is classic idiots fear that never think to death believing they are immortals but no one is immortal on the earth.
Such idiots sometime could even kill for money and power: not for the needed money for living but for too much money and power that will value nothing, 0, shit, after their death!
I heard about lot of ppl that did every possible shit on the world for money and power and then they are death as everyone will do sooner or later.. their sons thanks their too much money and power became druggie and died for it when still young!
so stop with your absurd idea that money and power is everything and begin to accept now the only true prophecy on the world: everyone will die whatever is rich or pour and after your death everything you get on the earth has same value of shit...