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How Do You Tell People The Truth

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26302253
United Kingdom
02/24/2013 01:44 PM
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How Do You Tell People The Truth
Ok, lots of crazy theories floating about every day on here, but in all of the nuttyness (and what ever you think is causing the nuttyness), there are facts.

Facts such as:

The economic situation is bad - since 2008, all we really did is leverage up and carry on, now we have massive derivative exposure of +$600T massive debt,, currency devaluation etc. It's just maths now, and the maths look ugly.. FACT.

(Ignore NWO or whatever theories, just the facts please)

Increased geological activity . FACT.

Shrinking Heliosphere, magnetic interference, cosmic rays. FACT.

Fukshima Daichi massive disaster, and now Fukushima Daiini problems. (other issues in US, France etc etc) FACT.

Industrialised nations slipping into Fascism - NDAA, expanding Police powers FACT.

Energy requirements outstripping possible supply, exponential year on year growth of oil requirements. FACT.

Increasing Near Earth Object dangers. FACT.

These ALL have PROVABLE (i.e Scientific) evidence.

Freinds and family view these issues as conspiracy theories, never mind what we all might think about causes, outcomes, reasons, etc etc and anything else

How do you get them to listen?

Do you put all the info together in documents for them?

Do you talk about it all the time calmly to them?


Or do you walk away with a heavy heart?

What works, what have you have success with, how have you coped?

Thanks for any opinions, advice etc in advance.

Peace & love.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 350965
United States
02/24/2013 01:51 PM
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Re: How Do You Tell People The Truth
Maybe they not ignorant?

Maybe they know the score?

Maybe you shouldn't be posting the "truth" or speaking the truth.

User ID: 20712268
United States
02/24/2013 02:05 PM
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Re: How Do You Tell People The Truth
Preface all of your truths with "Hey, maybe..."
:ritd:"You've been left on your own, like a Rainbow in the Dark" -Ronnie James Dio:ritd: