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02/24/2013 10:47 PM
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5:30PM/CST September 11, 2001
I tuned in CBS News with Dan Rather-I watched as Dan went live to CNN for a special report-Cnn went live to ABC News and ABC News went live to Fox News. This was the route that need be taken for this live announcement by Fox News. Anyone watching any of these networks at this particular time should have cause to remember as most unusual. After a brief pause, Fox News announced that it had the full story of 911 since May of 2001 and all that was yet to come. More on this shocking announcement was to follow later on their official news cast. (It Never Happened) as this story was canceled.

Did Fox News have the full story, an if so, from whom did they receive it?

The story they had was my story that I had published on their site as a possible story for future TV or motion picture productions. I am a prophet of God. God gave me something to say, for one an all to hear. I chose this Fox motion picture and TV story site to get the word out that God gave me to tell any and all who would listen. Who beieves in prophets in this day and age? So go figure, just how would you go about getting the word of God out to any and all?

911 was only the beginning, history now records all else that God gave me to tell as a prophetic story except for the fact that OBL is now the beast of Revelation 13. Which is the primary reason any and all would want him to stay alive and well forever more. For upon his own personal death, Satan has been granted the right to raise him from the dead for his purposes.

How did this come to be? 911 was an inside job, OBL was merely the fall guy. So God made the fall guy into the beast of Revelation 13. Do those in charge know this? This was the result of their own actions, that is allowing 911 to go on as planned even thopugh they were warned by God not to do so. Their failure to repent has put the last days events into motion. God's will, will be acomplished God's way. Upon the death of OBL, one and all of this world will have Satan's man of sin to deal with. OBL isn't dead yet, but very soon, all hell is about to break loose upon the whole world.

This was all contained in the orginal story given to Fox Productions. Titled: What would you do if you where me? May 2001

The rest is up to each and every individual.

So you don't believe in prophets or God. You haven't a prayer, or any chance of surviving what lies just ahead.

P.S. For the rest of the story, open your bible to Revelation, Chapter 12.

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United States
07/29/2013 04:05 PM
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