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Wichita KS Hunkers Down For A Blizzard

Watching, Waiting...
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United States
02/25/2013 11:46 AM
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Wichita KS Hunkers Down For A Blizzard
Well, after the NE got hammered recently by vicious winter weather, it now looks as if it's our turn here in Wichita KS.

Local talking heads and "experts" have been warning us for several days that another epic snowstorm was heading our way and yesterday -in sporadic bursts of panic buying- citizens finally took heed and began stocking up on extra Doritos and Velveeta [YEAH: I actually saw some in a shopper's cart in the news footage which also showed some very empty store shelves!].

Although snowfall estimates have changed damned-near every hour -ranging from 7" - 16" through Tuesday, this new storm comes directly on the heels of the one we had last week that dumped a record 14.3" in and around Wichita [I literally could not leave my house for three days - and I live well within the city limits].

Offically, this is being called a "blizzard" due to the expected 50mph northern winds that are going to pummel the area. Precip is already moving north from the OK panhandle and my indoor cats are anxiously peering out of the windows. Outside, stray animals [and I feed ALOT] have been eating like imminent starvation is at hand, gobbling up as much food as I'll distribute. Luckily, -as a long-term prepper- I'm very well stocked; I Pulled the batteries out of both cars [making sure they were fully-charged] and have my power inverter, porta-pack and generator ready in case the predicted heavy ice snaps power lines and isolates the city further.

Minor doom to be sure... but enough to keep an otherwise boring Monday pretty edgy!

And, luckily... since it's far too early for Tomato plants... there's nothing to bring in!