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More class than you
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United States
02/25/2013 12:33 PM
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How dare you speak so ill of this family. I have known them all my entire life and they have suffered many tragedies. The loss of Cody has absolutely nothing to do with his parents habbits not is it your place to judge. You are completely careless and thoughtless to blast this all over the internet. It was one of the 1st links that popped up when I googled his name to find the article of his crash. It is horrible enough his loved ones left behind have to live with his loss but to see their family shame spread publicly across the internet is downright disrespectful. And half your facts are wrong so before you go opening your damn mouth perhaps you should know what you are talking about. People like you make me sick; get some damn tact cause you are the only "dumbass" in this tragic situation.