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Bahrain Bans The V For Vendetta Mask

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10796582
United States
02/25/2013 11:53 PM
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Bahrain Bans The V For Vendetta Mask
[link to www.bleedingcool.com]

The Minister of Industry and Commerce:
After looking at Law number 35 of the year 2012 concerning the protection of consumers, and more closely at article 16 of the law;
And building upon the request of the Ministry of Interior;
And taking into account the public’s safety;
And building on the suggestion of the secretary to the ministry of Trade;

The following has been decided:

Article One:
It is prohibited to import the “Revolution Mask” or anything similar to it that conceals the face.

Article Two:
It is up to the secretary of the Ministry of Trade as well as all who specialize in the kingdom’s ports – each with their own jurisdiction – to execute this decision and to do so beginning at the date of its publication and to publish it in official newspapers.

Minister of Industry and Commerce,
Hassan Bin-Abdallah Fakhro

The “Revolution” mask is the Guy Fawkes mask, popularised by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring based on its appearance in the V For Vendetta movie and original design in the V For Vendetta comic by David Lloyd.

And once again, life imitates art.

Buy em while you still can!