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CA to vote on Gas Tax Hike (trying to be the highest prices in the Nation)


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United States
02/26/2013 06:48 AM

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CA to vote on Gas Tax Hike (trying to be the highest prices in the Nation)
Possible gas tax hike this summer: Board of Equalization to consider a 3.5 cent hike on excise tax

[link to www.10news.com]

AN DIEGO - After a record one-month jump in gas prices, the state is set to consider a tax increase that will impact what drivers pay at the pump in gas taxes.

When it comes to fueling at the pump, Selena Zheng likes to shop around.

"It's a little hard and really demanding trying to pick out gas stations like, what's cheaper, what is not," she said.

While drivers can look at the gas prices on signs by the road, what they cannot see is the amount they will pay in taxes. That adds up to about 70 cents per gallon.

"It really adds up," said Zheng. "Taxes on sales, taxes on clothes, taxes on gas now, you know, so it's a little tough."

It may be about to get a little tougher. On Tuesday, the State Board of Equalization will consider a 3.5 cent increase on what is called the excise tax. It generates funds to maintain roads, bridges and infrastructure.

If the rate is hiked, California will lead the nation in having the highest gas taxes.