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Back to the Good Old Days! Forums. Terse words. When forum moderators turn bad !


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04/01/2006 07:11 AM
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Back to the Good Old Days! Forums. Terse words. When forum moderators turn bad !
"I'm pleased to announce a new policy for OCAU's Forums. We often hear feedback from our members that OCAU was better in the "good old days" and after lengthy discussion the Admins and I have formulated a plan to return us to that former glory. This is quite a bold move but I think you'll agree the end results will be worth it.

OCAU's "Back to the Good Old Days" policy has several facets. Firstly, several non-core forums will be deleted:

The trading forums: Because they're frankly more trouble than they're worth, causing the majority of complaints and reported posts.

Current Events: This forum was a mistake from the start and has turned into a breeding ground for intolerance and stupidity.

The Pub: This forum seems unlikely to ever contain anything other than rubbish, and attracts the wrong sort of people to OCAU.

Motoring: Because it's turned into a "second Pub" and again attracts the wrong type of members to the forum.

A further step, that I know many people won't understand at first, concerns new members. It's a tough reality, but we have realised that new members are the cause of many of the changes to OCAU over the years. To control this issue:

OCAU's Forums will no longer allow new members to sign up.

Forum accounts less than two years old will be deleted.

I realise that some of these actions seem harsh, but you'll agree that something had to be done. I believe this policy will return OCAU to its former glory and make it a more enjoyable experience for those of us who will still have access to it. For those who don't, I hope you enjoy your time at Atomic.

These changes will be enacted one week from today's date. Thanks for your patience during the transitional period."

Overclockers forum I visit in .au ; this in one authentic sounding missive from board management.

Found out later it was...