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Message Subject Belgium on high alert as UFO violates airspace
Poster Handle Nurse Flesh Hammer
Post Content
OK, back again. My uncle has been told to report at 15th Wing HQ, as he was at home when he observed the phenomena. Many Belgian citizens have reported the sighting at the local authorities I do understand.

Stay tuned for further updates...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32129936

Tell him to draw and write what, when, details, now. The memories will change in his mind almost immediately. This is an important step many miss and later fall prey to the "swamp gas" explanation. Why can't a well outfitted film maker ever have this happen.
 Quoting: Nurse Flesh Hammer

I'm sorry, but I already broke his confidentiality, he doesn't know I'm posting this on GLP. He's almost retired and a internet n00b. But he did sound like he was very serious for what it's worth...

Let's wait for youtube vids to be uploaded later tonight, if any.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32129936

His identity will not cause him any harm here. He is a 3rd person witness to a CE1 and a veteran. Well respected
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