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Message Subject Any supplement recommendations for mood and energy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I swear this will take care of your energy and mood needs.

Healthforce Nutritionals Elixir of the Lake - It's a specific kind of blue-green algae that will do WONDERS for your body. I highly recommend you research that type of algae.

If that one is too expensive, then try E3Live, which is the same algae but less expensive. High quality still.

Other things to look into are certain herbs and nootropics with choline.

Piracetam and choline is a popular nootropic with lots of info, research, testimonials, and safety.

A good green superfood powder like Vitamineral Green or Tonic Alchemy will also boost your mood and energy in ways that caffeine can't compare to.

Me? I take all of the above, plus a few more herbs. I can honestly say that I have never felt better in my life. I am not tired when 2 o'clock comes around, my sleep is great, dreams are wonderful, and I don't need stimulants anymore to wake me up.

If you do need stimulants though, Yerba Mate is a great alternative to coffee.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3398747

Great suggestions that I have never considered. Thank you so much!

I knew that there had to be something else other than the "tangy tangerine" that seems to be pushed EVERYWHERE.
 Quoting: MissSoulSpark

LOL, yeah. The 2 superfood powders I mentioned are quite literally the BEST and most potent available. Tonic Alchemy also has the additional benefit of many medicinal mushroom and adaptogen extracts.

Healthforce Nutritionals and Dragon Herbs are two of the highest quality, highest integrity brands going right now. They can get a bit expensive, but once the effects are felt, you will consider it a great investment.

Also, if you do get a B vitamin like the others are saying, make sure to get the right type. For example, get METHYL-cobalamin B12 instead of CYANO-cobalimin B12.

I prefer getting my B vitamins naturally, but I understand this is not always possible for everyone, even me.
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