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Alien dream

User ID: 13978721
02/27/2013 12:21 AM
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Alien dream
I posted a thread not long ago to do with ascension/dimension etc However I just remembered a dream of mine today, so I thought "why not share it with you guys" maybe some of y'all can help me..Call me crazy I don't care!.

I remeber being with my sister at a massive field , there was no trees or i could recall there were no sight or pesence of another human being. I looked to the sky and saw a car, it was flying high up in the sky & landed on the ground , from there A man, he looked very human, opened the door and took my sister. She was not forced but left with him by choice ( probably he manipulated her through some mind reading magnetic connection)

Anyway the car flew out into the sky.

I remember feeling angry and upset, my sister has not returned. Some how, I was planning or training myself. I managed to build a group & told them of the disapperance of my sister, so they stood by me. We carried weapons, mainly swords.

I remember attaching a sword through my skin (under my wrist)
And slicing a few aliens in the head. It did not bleed but the blood was green.
& yes it looked like a typical alien.
I can't explain where the aliens came from, but they were taking people. They seemed harmless. They weren't attacking me. I was just slicing their heads and killing them.

I remember old used cars falling down from the sky ( random)

So that was my strange dream, any ideas, interpretation? ?

Thanks again xxx