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A Christian Prayer To Consider

Rising Son
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02/27/2013 01:52 AM
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A Christian Prayer To Consider
For those Christians out there, here is a prayer that is a compilation and collaboration of two different prayers from two Christians on this site (you know who you are :-). Please take the time to read through it, and if it speaks to you, please feel free to use it as you like :-)


Please hear our voice and comfort us in our frigid darkness. Thank You for always hearing us, giving us comfort, and the everyday life You have given us - it is a joy. However, we have all but lost hope, clinging to the last thread of what once was good and beautiful. Thank You for the hope You have given us in which we cherish each day, that in this world of sin, You have given us Christ, who saves us from our sins.

We have grown tired and weary, we have faltered, and we have failed. Thank You for the cross You give us to bear, and thank You for the thorn in the side which brings us closer to You. For in suffering and weakness we have peace and strength, Your Son bled and died for us so that our sins may be forgiven and we may spend eternity in Your loving embrace. Thank You for the Holy Bible, Your Word of Truth, thank You for our Baptism, where we are clothed with the righteousness of Christ; thank You for the Lord's Supper where the Body and Blood of Christ are given to us for the remission of sins, by these means of grace You give us joy and strength.

We need You now, more than ever - we need Your merciful love and heavenly guidance to lift us from our den of iniquity and sorrow. You give us Your mercy and love always; we pray for those who are scared, who need a stronger faith, who cling to this world and their sinfulness; show them that the Gospel of Christ means death to the world and a newness of life within us now and in the life to come.

The darkness is closing in on us, and the feeling of loneliness has now become an all too familiar companion. Our enemies have grown far too strong for us to hold back, and they grow stronger still. Teach us to fear not and to be still in the security of Your salvation and love. Be with our friends and families, our co-workers, all in government and our armed forces; teach us not to grieve this world, but we pray that Your Will be done through us. Teach us to love unselfishly even our enemies through forgiveness, so that they may believe in your Son, Jesus Christ, that He paid on the Cross for their sins.

Lord remind us that this world is nothing and that we are but sinful souls redeemed by Christ the Crucified. Give us faith, humility, hope and joy that in You all things work for the good of all. Remind us that we have nothing in the past to grieve, and nothing in the future to fear, as long as we turn to you in earnest repentance. We pray that Your Will be done, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Truth needs no validation because it is self-evident and undeniable. Therefore, anything that requires validation to be realized or justified as truth must contain at least some degree of falsehood.

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