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Message Subject Muslim group asks court to halt publication of book exposing terror training camps in America
Poster Handle AmericanInfidel
Post Content
Dude, I grew up just a few miles from Hancock NY. There were always rumors of what was going on over there. Hancock is a very small, country town. Very redneck and racist. The Muslims in the camp were mostly all black. Sometimes a family would leave the camp and come to my town because of the good schools and local jobs. When I was 11 or 12, in the early 90s was when I first starts hearing about it when a family moved to our town. The kids were older than me but hung out w kids who lived on my street. They would openly talk about all the guns they've shot. We would swim in the river sometimes because there was a sweet bridge to jump off of and it was away from town. Well, one day the older kids and the kid from the camp showed up and kicked us out. We left but kinda stuck around and spied on them. The kid from the camp had a fucking grenade. Seriously. He pulled the pin and threw it in the river. Coolest shit I've ever seen. Last I heard about the kid he was arrested a year later in Binghamton for selling sub machine guns to an undercover cop. Later when I was in 12th grade in 1998 another family came to town from the camp. Another black family originally from NYC but had lived at the camp for years. Their last name was Abdul-Shaheed. The oldest was a girl my age who was sexy as hell, lol. Smart, nice, sweet and was happy to be out. Her younger brother was a piece of shit. The girl would talk a out the camp but never in detail. You could tell she hated the place. All she said was it was led by evil people who had everyone fooled.
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