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Message Subject Christians --Let us Collectively Pray for our Unsaved / Backslidden Loved Ones--PRAYER WARRIORS NEEDED
Poster Handle Angelic_Warrior
Post Content

Leave some names jmc007! We need to be specific!!
 Quoting: Angelic_Warrior

Social security and bank account numbers as well.
 Quoting: goodmockingbird

Are you being funny or mean?
 Quoting: Angelic_Warrior

It's one thing for people to ask for prayer by others for their own wisdom, strength, or healing. That's an admission of human weakness, and an appeal for others to uplift them.

It's another to ask people to come here and post names of others in their lives, and discuss the faults of other people.

Whatever else GLP is, it is a data-mining site.

Let's say Mrs X, who has stated in another thread that she lives within 5 miles of the Bayou sinkhole, or "a mile just south of highway X near something" states that her husband " Joe" has a problem with alcohol, infidelity, or anything else ...

Within seconds anyone with multiple brain cells could pinpoint that person.
 Quoting: goodmockingbird

I didn't intend to discuss the faults of anyone, although I can see where it might not have been necessary to share some of my own private information. Was just background info.

As far as names go.. I think you are overeacting. There are millions upon millions of people with the same first name.

That's quite a stretch in my way of thinking.

No doubt they already have enough info to fulfill their evil plans.

Have a beautiful day
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