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Message Subject Christians --Let us Collectively Pray for our Unsaved / Backslidden Loved Ones--PRAYER WARRIORS NEEDED
Poster Handle Wingedlion27
Post Content

Translation: people mumbling in a group having no effect whatsoever on anything, ever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35271484

Oh, no, not without any effect.

I have actually visited some of these chatty female "prayer groups", and they are very, very effective -- at spreading the most malicious gossip about others, all under the righteous-sounding cloak of praying for others.

Please lift up my brother in law Jim Bob for prayer!

Yes, sister, and what does he need release from bondage for?

*sniffle* He is under Satan's grasp for financial difficulty.

Certainly, we can lift him up for deliverance from financial bondage! How bad is it? Does he gamble?

*sob* Uh huh *sob* Jim Bob gambled most of my sister Sally Sue's inheritance over at the TomTom Casino, and he spent the rest on that big busted gal who works there, the one with the tramp stamp who hangs out with those Clancy brothers... *sob*

The Clancy brothers who got picked up for meth trafficking last year, but their lawyers got them off?

*sob* Yes, and I think Jim Bob is into all of it with them, and sleeping with that gal *sob*

Yes, sister we must pray for him! I'll call up Jolleen and Kathleen to pray for him as well. What's that trashy gal's name? We need to pray for her deliverance as well!
 Quoting: goodmockingbird

Now here is a person who understands the corruption that is epidemic running in Christian circles.
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